The best spot

From the hills of Paupisi to the whole world: the tale of the Rapuano’s family was born on the slopes of Mount Taburno. Lives, experiences and dreams dedicated to transforming Nature into overwhelming wines. A Torre del Pagus bottle is a kiss to the land of Aglianico and Falanghina. Vineyards are in the heart of Sannio, expertly worked by the different generations of the company. Body and soul: our work starts from the roots and flies much higher, in the spaces that only the senses can capture.

From Latin “Pagus” means village. The name was used to indicate the space developed around a small agricoltural village. Space where live and farm.
Where there is no wine there is no love Euripide

The true value

What’s at the base of our success: Torre del pagus philosophy

  • Family

    Sit at the same table and together built also what’s hard, passing the obstacles, is the essence of our life. More than a job.
  • Nature

    Hands and feet that touch the soil, the branches, the leafs, the grapes: our breath it blends with the four season.
  • Dream

    An idea that is born from past thoughts and future visions. A life philosophy that with love, fill every bottle.
  • Respect

    Loyalty, sacrifice and dedication for our dream, for the nature, for our family and last but not least for who drinks Torre del Pagus.

Everybody say that we are good

Make wine is our job, make you happy is our mission.

We wait the natural process of ageing of our grapes. It has to reach the perfect balance before the harvest.

Our vineyard are planted up the hills, where it is impossible to use machine. The grape is handpicked in small crates, so it arrives in perfect conditions in the winery. We process the grape in few hours since the arrival.

Crushing, destemming, soft pressing, separation of the free run must from the pressed must, controlled temperature. Thanks to the experience of years and the help of new technology, we save the quality of our final product, reducing at the minimum the enological intervention.

Fermentation in stainless steel at a controlled temperature, and for same of our red fermentation in cement. The temperature controlled maceration goes up to twelve hours for the whites up to 60 days for heavy red.

The ageing for our wine goes from 6 months in stainless steel for young wine to 24 months of ageing in barrique for the most structured red wines. Insomnia Falanghina does 8 months of Acacia barrels. Filtration goes trough carton filters and housing, removing impurity and giving brilliance at the wine.