The beginning1999

Positivity and authenticity. Hands and smiles that represent the beginning are part of fabulous word: a universe, authentic, balanced, that start thanks to Luigi and Giovanni. A viticulture family that create Torre del Pagus.

Torre del Pagus become a Must Have2004

Luigi believe in Torre del Pagus. Thanks to his passion and his talent the winery pass the edge of Paupisi. Torre del Pagus, is now known in the wine world. Relationship and feedback are very good and they are the confirmation of the good work done.

Follow the dream2006

Giovanni, with a live flame in his eyes, keep dreaming, to keep alive everything his son Luigi had done. Torre del Pagus keep growing: the past experience was blended with the future project.

Past, Present, Future2013

Giusy and Raimondo made the first set in the family business, they will find a perfect balance between quality and emotions. From the life tighter to the bottle produced: Torre del Pagus is the expression of a family story.